555 New York Avenue     Huntington, NY 11743    (631) 427-1272
How to go about choosing and buying a gravesite.


To choose a gravesite at Huntington Rural Cemetery, log onto our website. Review the cemetery plan, which includes approximately 10 acres.


You may go directly to the cemetery office at 555 New York Ave in Huntington. Call 631 427 1272 for an appointment and your call will be answered as soon as possible.

A map of the cemetery is in the office. A guided tour can be given to those interested in a gravesite showing the areas that are available.

Once a site is chosen, a check to HRC in the amount of $1,750 for a Double Depth site, this will accommodate, 2 family members, in caskets, or 6 cremains. A formal deed will be issued after receiving payment, which will give the owner proof of the purchase of the specific gravesite.